Cinkara 450ml Syrup

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অপুষ্টি, সাধারণ দুর্বলতা, স্নায়ুবিক দুর্বলতা, সৃতিশক্তি হ্রাস, গর্ভকালীন রক্ত স্বল্পতা, লিভারের গোলযোগ, ক্ষুদা মান্দ, ভিটামিন ও খনিজ উপাদানের ঘাটতি, রোগ পরবর্তী দুর্বলতা ।



Cinkara is a non-alcoholic vitaminised herbal tonic of proven bioavailability in mental performance, anemia of pregnancy, lactating mothers and liver protection. Cinkara can be used as a tonic in all seasons by the whole family. It provides optimum quantities of essential minerals, trace elements & vitamins required by the body. Cinkara provides sufficient zinc which plays a significant role on the intellectual functioning of children. Cinkara also contains a balanced proportion of extracts of various vitalizing herbs successfully used for centuries to provide energy and stimulation of muscles & nerves.


» General debility
» Mental weakness
» Anaemia of pregnancy
» Hypolactation
» Malnutrition
» Lack of appetite
» Vitamin deficiencies
» Strenuous exercise
» Rundown and debilitated condition
» During convalescence
» Loss of weight
» Elemental deficiency
» Excessive metabolism
» Vitamin deficiency due to antibiotics
» Stress and acute illness
» Nervousness & undue tendency to fatigue

Dosage & Administration:
 6 teaspoonfuls;
 2 teaspoonfuls; twice daily or as prescribed by the physician.

There is no known contraindication.

Side effect:
No significant side effect has been observed in proper usage.

Keep out of reach of the children.

Store at cool and dry place, protect from light.

Amber glass bottle containing 450ml, 225ml & 100ml syrup.

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