Chu Chu Wet Wipes 220 (for baby)

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  • Chu Chu wet wipes are cushioned and soft, with a pleasant fragrance for your kid’s soft and sensitive skin.
  • It is made of high-grade rayon non-woven fabric which is extra soft.
  • Chu Chu Wet Wipes gives freshness, can be utilized during potty time, mealtime. and playtime.
  • Also ideal for entire family use at home or while traveling or any other occasion.
  • Available quantity: 60pcs, 120pcs, 160pcs and 220pcs
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Chu Chu wet wipes for babies are made of high-grade rayon non-woven fabric which is extra soft and gentle. It is ideal to use at diaper changing times to minimize baby skin rash due to extensive diaper use and leaving a pleasant smell. Also, Chu Chu wet wipes are` ideal for play time, potty time, and meal time.

Since it contains natural moisturizing substances with an antiseptic and gentle cleansing agent, it is safe for your lovely baby’s skin. Avoid direct contact with the eyes. This is a hygienic and non-alcoholic product for your whole family use, freshening up during holidays traveling, or any occasion.

Currently, it is available in various sizes of 60 pcs, 120 pcs, 160 pcs, and 220 pcs moist tissues.


  • Lift the cap and tear off the plastic seal.
  • Locate the end of the wipes from the center of the roll and push through the rubber core in the cap.
  • replace the cap properly.
  • Pull the wet wipes through the hole at on angle and sideways to tear off.


  • To prevent the wet wipes from drying out, always replace the flap of the cap after each use and keep it tightly closed. Keep plastic canisters out of children’s reach.
  • Please do not flush through toilet.
  • Dispose off used wipes in your household waste bin.
  • Please store away from sunlight or direct heat and store it at room temperature.

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